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Visa requirement

EU Nationals

Since Cyprus is a member of the EU, EU nationals have the right to enter the country with an identity card or valid passport. 

Please note that EU citizens may travel freely to Cyprus but are required to submit an application for a Registration Certificate to the Cyprus Civil Registry and Migration Department within 4 months of their arrival.

Further information are provided in the Work Permit section, while your employer in Cyprus or the local EURAXESS Service Centres can provide assistance with this procedure.

Non-EU Nationals

All non-EU Nationals require a visa to enter Cyprus. However, the nationals of many non-EU countries do not require a visa to enter Cyprus, if their stay does not exceeding three months.

A visa is an entry permit for a short (up το 90 days) or a long stay (up to one year), issued to foreign nationals who wish to enter the territory of the Republic of Cyprus (further information on the right). Cyprus visas have national application, which means that they entitle the holder to enter only the territory of the Republic.  

In the case of non-EU nationals wishing to enter Cyprus for the purposes of scientific research, a specific procedure applies through the application for a Scientific Visa. Further details are provided below, and you should also consult your employer/host organization in Cyprus.

In all other cases, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs website provides further information regarding entry regulations to Cyprus, visa application procedures, fees and documents required.

Scientific Visa
  • To obtain a Scientific Visa, researchers are usually required to fill in an application form and submit it together with an application fee and supporting documents to their future employer/host organization in Cyprus.  The organization will then submit the Researcher’s documents to the Migration Authorities for evaluation. 

    An indicative list of the documents required is provided below. Please consult your employer/host organization in Cyprus for the specific application process.

    1. Application Form M58, completed and signed.
    2. Employment verification.
    3. Certified copy of passport or other travel document, valid for at least the expected duration of the research, or at least two years, whichever is the highest.
    4. Certified copy of criminal record or Certificate of Good Conduct from the official authorities of the country of residence, with official translation in Greek or English. A public/governmental authority must issue the Certificate. 
    5. Original medical certificates attesting to good health, and including blood tests (Hepatitis B and C, HIV and Syphilis) as well as a Chest X-Ray (Tuberculosis). Medical examinations are considered valid for a four-month period and must be issued by a public/governmental authority. 
    6. Hosting Agreement signed between the host and the applicant.
    7. Statement of financial responsibility for the applicant issued by the host.

    The above documents must be officially translated to English. In cases where translations are necessary, these must be done by an approved translator and attested by the relevant authorities in the applicant´s country.

  • Cyprus has harmonized its legislation to include the provisions of the Council Directive 2016/801, of 11 May 2016, on a specific procedure for admitting third-country nationals for the purposes of scientific research. The active national legislation which integrated the Directive is Law N.7(I)2019 “Aliens and Immigration (Ammending) Law of 2019”.

    The Research and Innovation Foundation (RIF) has been nominated by the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Cyprus as the “Competent Authority” for the Approval of Research Organisations wishing to host non-EU Researchers.

    Public and Private Organisations wishing to apply for approval under the provisions of the Aliens and Immigration (Ammending) Law of 2019, should fill in and submit to the RIF the following form.

    Research Organisations should also submit to the RIF a written declaration that, in cases where a third-country Researcher remains illegally in the territory of the Republic of Cyprus, the Organisation will be responsible for reimbursing any costs related to the Researcher’s stay and return incurred by public funds. The declaration can be found here. The financial responsibility of the Research Organisation ends at the latest six months after the termination of the Hosting Agreement. 

    Approved Research Organisations wishing to host Third Country researchers shall sign a Hosting Agreement with each Researcher, in which the Researcher agrees to complete their research project, and the Organisation commits to host the researcher. A template of the agreement can be found here.

    The list of Research Organisations currently approved to host non-EU Researchers under the provisions of the aforementioned law, can be found here.

Start-up Visa

The "Cyprus Startup Visa" Scheme allows talented entrepreneurs from third countries [outside the European Union (EU) and outside the European Economic Area (EEA)], individuals or a team, to enter, reside and work in Cyprus in order to establish / operate / develop a Startup with a high growth potential. The Scheme’s goal is the to create new jobs in Cyprus, promote innovation and research, and contribute to the development of the business ecosystem and consequently to the Cypriot economy. The Scheme supports the establishment of new innovative Startups or the move of established innovative Startups to Cyprus.

The Scheme is valid from 1st June 2022 until 31st May 2024.