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The Republic of Cyprus wishes to ensure that children who come to live in Cyprus from other EU and/or Associated Countries as well as Third Countries are able to continue their education. Hence, family members of Incoming Researchers are entitled to education in the State Educational Institutes, as are Cypriot citizens.

The Ministry of Education and Culture (in Greek) is the competent body to approach for help about finding a school (Tel. +357 22 800 600 & +357 22 800 600 and email ). You will be able to speak to the competent officials in the directorates for each level of education at the Ministry (e.g. the Directorate for Primary Education, Directorate for Secondary Education, Directorate for Higher Education).

Approved state and private nursery schools, primary schools and lower and upper secondary schools may be found through the Ministry’s Department of Primary Education. Moreover, information about Higher and Tertiary Education (universities, colleges, higher education schools, etc.) may be also provided.

Furthermore, the Social Welfare Services operate state day-care centres for pre-school children, with the main aim to cater for children of working parents. Fees are on a sliding scale so that families pay according to their income. Further information may be found through the Social Welfare Services’ webpage on Families and Children