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Driving in Cyprus is on the left side of the road with the steering wheel usually on the right. If a foreigner wants to drive in Cyprus they may do so using their valid International driving licence or National driving licence. This licence must be valid for the type of vehicle they wish to drive. Foreigners can get a Cyprus driving licence but in order to do so will need to change their national licence to a Cypriot licence or they can take the driving test.

For €59,80 (for a person aged up to 70 years - after that age the licence must be re-newed at no additional cost) a Cyrpriot driving licence can be purchased. To hire an average sized saloon car it will cost approximately €45 per day in the summer period, this includes 'fully covered' insurance. Throughout the rest of the year this car will cost about €23 a day. All the major towns and airports are connected by six or four lane motorways. Other towns and villages are connected by two lane, well surfaced roads. EU citizens are able to bring their own cars to Cyprus for six months without registering them.

Import Duty: Contact the Customs & Excise Department for further details on bringing private cars into the Republic of Cyprus.