Research Associate on “Synthesis and characterization of GRMs and 2D layered structures”

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Invitation for Expression of Interest:

Research Associate on “Synthesis and characterization of GRMs and 2D layered structures

The Institute of Chemical Engineering Sciences, Foundation of Research and Technology - Hellas, (FORTH/ICE-HT) is seeking applicants for one position of a research associate in the context of the research project “Graphene Flagship Core Project 3 – SGA 881603: Work Package 14 - Composites”, which is implemented under the Horizon 2020 Research Framework Program.


Job Description

To conduct research in the development, characterization and testing of composite polymer/graphene coatings in the aforementioned project ““Graphene Flagship Core Project 3 – SGA 881603: Work Package 14 - Composites”. The aim of this research is the fabrication of GRMs and 2D layered structures and characterization by means of microscopy and spectroscopy.

In particular, the job consists in the following main tasks:

  1. Preparation and characterization of graphene-based composite coatings and laminates using spectroscopic techniques
  2. Prepare the corresponding reports (technical and economical) for project’s evaluation.
  3. Research activities related to graphene and to other 2D related materials, such development of conductive coatings and study of mechanical properties with nano-indentation.

The potential candidate should be also responsible for the following main tasks:

  1. Organization of activities and national and international meetings.
  2. Identification of requirements for the research and develop tactics for future challenges.
  3. Scientific supervision of potential master and/or PhD thesis.
  4. Production and characterization of graphene and other 2D related materials, using techniques such as Raman spectroscopy, Atomic Force Microscopy etc in conjunction with mechanical testing.

Location: FORTH/ICE-HT, Patras, Greece

Duration: 4 months with the potential of renewal

Salary: up to 3.000 € per month (total cost of the employer, including social security and taxes) depending on the qualifications

Envisaged starting date: 01/09/2020


Requirements and Qualifications

The candidates are required to hold an Engineering Diploma and a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering, preferably on 2D materials, with experience in reporting, in tandem with a strong expertise in mechanical deformation of composite materials and characterization techniques such as Raman spectroscopy. Moreover, the candidates must be fluent in Greek and English in order to meet working conditions. The appropriate candidate should have:

  1. Strong expertise in the preparation and characterization of composite materials
  2. Be able to lead teams
  3. A great scientific background in materials, especially in polymers and composites
  4. Strong know-how in the preparation and characterization of graphene (or related carbon based materials) and/or 2D related materials and/or nanomaterials
  5. Analytical thinking
  6. Strong personality and good communication skills
  7. Be a flexible and reliable person
  8. Be capable of autonomous working

The evaluation of the candidacies will be based on the following criteria and qualifications:



Evaluation criteria

Diploma in Engineering


Diploma Grade,

courses in polymer and/or composite materials

PhD in Materials Science and Engineering


PhD Dissertation relevant to composite materials or nanomaterials or nanoscience

Post-doc experience of at least 2 years and strong publication record in multi-disciplinary journals


Duration of proven experience

Proven research and lab experience (minimum 4 years):

  1. Mechanical characterization of materials
  2. Characterization techniques such as Raman spectroscopy and/or Atomic Force Microscope
  3. Study of graphene or other 2D related materials or nanomaterials
  4. Investigation of physical properties of polymers and/ or composites


Duration of proven research experience in research groups and projects. Quality and number of publications in refereed journals and conference proceedings

Research interests


Relevance, plans and potential

Application Submission

Interested candidates who meet the aforementioned requirements should submit their applications, no later than 9 July 2020, 16:00h., by email to Kleanthi Zacharopoulou: kleanthi@iceht.forth.gr.

In order to be considered, the application must include:

  • Application letter
  • CV
  • Scanned copies of academic titles
  • Statement of research interests

Any application received after the deadline will not be considered for the selection.


Selection Procedure

Applications that are received on time will be evaluated by a scientific committee using the criteria mentioned above. If necessary, certain candidates will be invited to a personal interview with the committee.

The outcome of the selection will be announced on the website of FORTH/ICE-HT as well as on the website of “DIAVGEIA”.



For information and questions regarding the application and selection procedure, candidates are asked to contact the FORTH/ICE-HT Research Secretariat, e-mail: kleanthi@iceht.forth.gr, tel.: +30 2610 965278.

For information and questions about the advertised position and the research activity of the group or the Institute, candidates are asked to contact Professor Costas Galiotis, tel: +30 2610 965255, e-mail: c.galiotis@iceht.forth.gr .




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