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Medical care is provided by the government medical services and the private medical sector. The government medical services can be used by anyone who chooses to be treated at a public medical institution.

The government medical services provide treatment free of charge or at reduced charges for certain groups of individuals. More information can be obtained from the Ministry of Health.

Emergency care is provided free to all persons who arrive at the accident and emergency departments of the government hospitals. All districts now have a new hospital, most recently the Nicosia district. Every city has its own hospital with an accident and emergency department. The size of the country ensures easy and swift access to medical centres.

Persons who opt for the private sector pay the costs themselves. Certain population groups are covered by trade union or employer insurance funds which provide full or partial cover of medical costs for the members. Many doctors run their own private surgeries. Additionally, many doctors work at city health centres which provide a wide range of medical services in all specialities (including dentistry and optometry) and other relevant services such as laboratory analysis, radiology and chiropody, etc.

Under EU regulations, health care can be provided in Cyprus for people from other EU Member States on the same basis as it is provided to Cypriot nationals and is available at any of the Government Medical Institutions in Cyprus.

To obtain health care in Cyprus, one must initially be in possession of an appropriate E-Form or a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) from his/her own Member State. Persons falling into one of the categories listed below are entitled to free health care in Cyprus.

Persons with Form E111 or EHIC

The form E111 or EHIC entitles the beneficiary to receive any medically necessary treatment that he/she may need while staying in Cyprus. If one does not have a form E111 or EHIC when attending a Cyprus State Hospital, it may be possible to obtain such a form by contacting his/hers “home” administration who may be able to provide the beneficiary with the relevant documentation.

If a person does not have the required E-Form or EHIC, the state hospital authorities are entitled to charge them for the treatment provided. A reimbursement claim can then be submitted to the home Member State.

Persons with Form E106, E109 or E121

A person not in possession of any of these forms MUST register with the Cyprus Ministry of Health. On arrival in Cyprus, he/she should contact a Cyprus State Hospital or the Ministry of Health, where they will be given an application form for a Cyprus Medical Card. The completed application form should be submitted to a State Hospital or the Ministry of Health together with the appropriate E-form and supporting documents required according to instructions. If the beneficiary is a Pensioner, some form of proof to confirm that he/she is receiving a Pension from the “home” State will also be needed. The application will be processed by the Ministry of Health as quickly as possible. The Cyprus Medical card will entitle the beneficiary to receive health care in Cyprus for the duration covered by the card.

Persons with Form E123

This E123 Form entitles the beneficiary to receive treatment in Cyprus in the case of industrial injury or occupational disease only. To receive treatment for any other medical condition under the EU Regulations, one must also be in possession of another E-form. The form E123 should always be presented to the hospital authorities when treatment is required for the industrial injury or prescribed disease.

If one is in possession of a form E123, and has decided to take up permanent residence in Cyprus, he/she should inform the Cypriot authorities accordingly.

Persons with Form E112

The beneficiary should immediately present this form to the State Hospital authorities when attending for treatment.

The following table below shows which E Form is necessary for which category of visitor:

Category of Visitor

Necessary E Form - Card

Temporary visitor or tourist

E111 or EHIC

A pensioner coming to live permanently in Cyprus


A worker from another Member State posted to work in Cyprus less than one year

E111 or EHIC

A worker from another Member State posted to work in Cyprus for more than one year


A U.K. person under Pension age coming to live permanently in Cyprus

E106 (residual)

A student


Dependants living in Cyprus but insured worker living in another Member State


A person from another Member State in receipt of Industrial Injuries Benefit or an occupational disease


A person referred to Cyprus for specific medical treatment


Third country nationals are not entitled to free health care in Cyprus. However, it should be noted that first aid is provided for free in all State Hospitals.

The contact details of the State Hospitals are provided in the table below:



Phone number


New General

22 603000


22 405000


Old General

25 305333

New General

25 801100


Old General

24 304312


24 800500



26 803100



23 821211

Incoming Researchers may find Useful information can be obtained from the Ministry of Health website or by telephoning the Ministry of Health (Tel.: +357 22 400 130) or from the Department for the Free Movement of Patients (Tel.: +357 22 400 115) and the Department for General Coordination of EU Affairs at the Ministry (Tel.: +357 22 400 195).