Pregnancy and Maternity

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The Republic of Cyprus, having recognised the importance of efficient protection of pregnant workers as a means to promote the institution of the family, but also as a means to promote the equality of opportunities for men and women, has incorporated in its national legislation, the following laws:

  • The Protection of Maternity Laws of 1997 to 2011;
  • The Equal Treatment for Men and Women in Employment and Vocational Training Laws of 2002 to 2009;
  • The Parental Leave and Leave on Grounds of Force Majeure Laws of 2002 to 2010; 
  • The Protection of Maternity (Safety and Health at Work) Regulations of 2002.

The above Laws and Regulations cover most of the matters related to the protection of pregnant workers during the time of their pregnancy, as well as the period after birth, as specified by law.

Main provisions regarding the issue of maternity protection:

  1. Prohibition of dismissal of a pregnant worker and/or a female employee who adopts a child.
  2. Right to 18 weeks maternity leave with the possibility of an extension under certain circumstances.
  3. Additional rights for breastfeeding and increased responsibilities for the care of the child.
  4. Safeguarding of rights, upon return to work, for the pregnant and the adoptive mother employee


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